Your computer must be specially configured in order to run ART's report author tool

The ServicePoint ART report author tool will not work if the is a current or recent version of Java software on your computer. The ART report author tool requires an older version of Java. You must downgrade the Java software on your computer to that older Java version.

The 32-bit version of Java Version 7 update 72 (available for download here) has been tested and confirmed to work with ART 3.1. There is more information in the document from Mediware attached to this post. You may need Administrator permission for your machine to install software. Contact your organization’s system or network administrator for assistance if that’s the case, and contact Pathways MISI if you have additional questions.

To downgrade the Java software on your computer to version 7:

  1. Download Java SE Runtime Environment 7u80 (Windows x86 Offline) from this link: .  NOTE: be sure to select the 32-bit version of this program.  If you install the 64-bit version, the ART report author tool may not work.
  2. Close all browsers 
  3. Uninstall all currently installed Java versions 
  4. Install Java 7 
  5. Open Windows Control Panel 
  6. Double-click on Java Icon 
  7. Go to Update tab 
  8. Turn off automatic updates 
  9. Close Java Control Panel using "OK" button 
  10. Re-open browser and access ServicePoint/ART 

Note: Oracle no longer supports Java version 7 (unless you have a pre-existing, paid service contract).  Java 7 has various security vulnerabilities, so we recommend that you dedicate a computer to building ART reports - a computer that will not be used to access, store or view confidential material - and turn that computer off when it isn't being used to author or test ART reports.