Here is HUD's guidance on Exit Dates:

Different project types use Project Exit Date differently, to address the difference in meaning associated with “ending” residential and service projects. Each individual client in a household will have their own Project Exit Date. If one member of a household leaves the project before the rest of the household, the leaver's exit date should reflect the actual day that client left the project. 

For residential projects, this date represents the last day of a continuous stay in the project before the client transfers to another residential project or otherwise stops participating in the project. For example, if a person checked into an overnight shelter on January 30, 2019, stayed overnight and left in the morning, the exit date for that shelter stay would be January 31, 2019. 

Clients in rapid re-housing projects are to be exited after the last RRH service is provided. If eligible RRH case management services are provided past the final date of receiving rental assistance, for example, the client must not be exited until those services cease. 

For non-residential projects, the exit date must represent the last day a contact was made or a service was provided. The exit date should coincide with the date the client is no longer considered a participant in the project. Projects must have a clear and consistently applied procedure for determining when a client who is receiving supportive services is no longer considered to be participating in the project. For example, if a person has been receiving weekly counseling as part of an ongoing treatment project and either formally terminates their involvement or fails to return for counseling, the last date of service is the date of the last counseling session. 

In a street outreach services project, similarly, clients may be exited when the outreach worker has been unable to locate the client for an extended length of time and there are no recorded contacts. The CoC must be involved in the determination of “extended length of time” and to which projects the solution is to be applied. In addition, the client may be exited upon entering another project type, finding housing, engaging with another outreach project, or passing away. In those cases, the client would be exited as of the date of the last contact.