When you need to add new Household member(s) to an open program stay, there are three things that have to be addressed before you can enter their assessment data.

You have to: 

  1. Edit the Household to include new members
  2. Edit the Release of Information (ROI) to include the new members
  3. Update the Entry/Exit

Step One: Edit the Household

  1. You should go to the Head of Household record first, then from either the Summary tab or the Household tab:
  2. Click the pencil next to the household
  3. Click the Add/Delete Household Members button (just below the name)
  4. Click the triangle (►) next to Add Clients to Household to open the Client Search
  5. Search for each new child coming into the household. If they are in HMIS already, then click the green plus sign next to the client when you find them. (This adds them to the Selected Clients list). If they are new to HMIS then you can 'Add Client With this Information' after you search for them. This will create a record for them and add them to the Selected Clients list at the bottom of the section (Selected Clients is the list of clients you are adding to the household.)
  6. When you have finished adding all the clients that are coming in together (they should all be in that Selected Clients list) then click Continue.
  7. This takes you to the second screen in the Households module. From here you may need to change the Household Type and assign the relationships for the new household members. Set their Joined Household date to the date they entered the program if it's not today. If it's a newborn, the Joined Household date will be the day after the baby's birth date. Either way, it will be different than the Head of Household's Joined Household date.
  8. Click Save & Exit.

Step Two: Edit the Release of Information
  1. Create a New ROI for the whole new household starting from the date the new members joined the household

Step Three: Update the Entry/Exit
  1. Make sure you are on the Head of Household record, click the Edit Entry pencil from the Entry/Exits Dashlet
  2. Click Save and Continue.
  3. Click the Include Additional Household Members button
  4. Checkmark the new household member(s).
  5. Click Save and Continue.
  6. Then click the pencil by the added client's entry date in the Entry/Exit Dashlet. Make sure only the added client is checked.  Change the Entry Date (if a newborn, it will be the day after the baby's birth date).
  7. Click Save and Continue.
  8. You should be back at the Assessment with all the household members listed with their appropriate Entry Dates. From here you can work on each family members assessment using the Household Member list down on the left side to switch between members. The HMIS software will properly track the dates for based on each person's Entry Date as you switch to them.

Do not go to each new household member from the Client Profile or Summary Tab and click Add Entry/Exit for any family member separately to create an entry/assessment, this will cause the new members to have split program entries from the rest of the family.