Here are the steps for removing a person from a Project while everyone else in the Household stays. You have to Exit the person from the program first and then remove them from the Household:

Exit the Client from the Entry/Exit.

  1. Go to the record of the client who is leaving the Project
  2. Click the Exit Pencil from the Summary tab
  3. Only check mark the person(s) who is/are exiting (the person you are on is checked already)
  4. Fill out the Exit Data, Reason for Leaving and Destination data that applies to the leaver(s)
  5. Click Save & Continue
  6. Fill out and Save any changes to the clients Exit Assessment (any changes that are not already recorded)

Remove the person from the Household.
  1. Go to the record of a client who is staying in the Project
  2. Click the Household Pencil on the Summary tab
  3. Click the red circle for the person who is leaving
  4. Set the Date they left and click OK
  5. Click Save & Exit to return to the Summary tab