Preparing your HMIS records for your CoC's Sheltered Point in Time count


Your HMIS implementation plays an important role in the count. In order to prepare for the sheltered portion of the count, which must come from HMIS:

  • Make sure that all current clients are enrolled in the appropriate project(s) in HMIS 
  • If using the Night by Night method for tracking emergency shelter utilization, make sure that each client in your shelter program on the night of the count is given a housing service for that night 
  • If you are not a Night by Night shelter, exit clients from project(s) in HMIS promptly when they are no longer housed at your facility 
  • Verify that all family members you are housing are enrolled in the appropriate project(s), not just adults or heads of households 
  • Ensure that demographics (date of birth, etc.) and Veteran status are correct for all current clients 
  • Review and update each project's HMIS Bed inventory as needed 

If you have questions about any of these tasks, reach out to the Pathways MISI help desk.

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